Pod Tepee Camper

If you love the simple things in life you’re going to love the Pod Tepee Camper. Based on the award-winning, Australian manufactured Pod Trailer, the Tepee is a cut-down version of the Kwik Kampa.

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Stockman Roof Top Camper

The Stockman Roof Top Camper is a simple, modular camping solution, suitable for all types of vehicles. Based on the award-winning, durable but light weight Pod Trailer, it can be setup as a roof tent only or with change room, awning with side walls, kitchen, fridge and power, or a combination thereof.

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Stockman Base Camp 2.7

If you love camping but don’t like the idea of lugging a big, heavy camper trailer around, then check out the Stockman Base Camp 2.7. Weighing from as little as 330kg (on-road model), it will appeal to anyone with a small to large vehicle.

Stockman Base Camp-05
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Stockman Kwik Kampa 2

The award-winning Australian-designed, manufactured and assembled Stockman Kwik Kampa 2 is the ultimate quick setup camper.

Kwik Kampa 2 quick setup
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