A Hard Floor Camper Trailer offer a number of significant advantages over their soft floor stablemates. These include ease of setup, isolation from the ground (temperature, dirt, creepy crawlies) and gear carrying.

Ease of Setup

For quick overnight stops, a hard floor is significantly easier to setup and pack away. Open the catches, flip over the roof and you can be relaxing in bed in just a few minutes.

Some of the bigger campers even offer a mechanical lift, using an electric motor and gearbox to open and close the camper.

Isolation from the Ground

A hard floor camper trailer means that even the kids get to sleep off the ground, be it on camping mats or a bunk. You can lose a significant amount of body heat to the ground which can affect comfort, so a hard floor offers better solution.

Other advantages include protection during inclement weather. You’re less likely to be affected by water and mud. And being up higher, you’re further away from creepy crawlies.

Gear Carrying

If you need to carry a boat, swags or other gear, hard floor camper trailers provide an easy solution. Racks easily mount to the roof or chassis, providing a secure storage solution.

Hard floor camper trailer - Pioneer Longreach with engineered Boat Loader
A hard floor camper trailer offers engineered storage options for carrying all sorts of gear

An engineered Boat Loader solution takes all the hard work out of removing your boat, particularly if you’re reliant on only one set of hands.

Forward Fold Camper Trailers

In recent years, the forward fold camper trailer has emerged, offering fixed bedding options for all family members. This style of camper puts bedding above storage, limiting options for dedicated areas for clothes and other touring needs.

It also carries a significant weight penalty, with most weighing around 1,500kg, almost double that of a standard hard floor. More weight = more fuel used to get you to where you need to go and a bigger burden on your towing vehicle, particularly in sand and technical terrain.

A standard hard floor offers much greater flexibility in the use of space, particularly with zip-on additional rooms.

Hard Floor Camper Trailer Buyer’s Guide

Consider the following attributes before laying down your hard-earned savings on a hard floor camper trailer:

– The manufacturer’s experience in hard floor camper trailer manufacture
– Use of high grade Australian steel and other components to ensure a rugged build while still maintaining a modest tare weight
– Accessories to customise a camper trailer to your requirements such as hubs to match, additional canvas and heating/cooling.
– Kitchen upgrades: slide out kitchens with generous food preparation areas for family cooking
– Power and battery management. A good setup should include at least one AGM 100Ah battery with 240V and 12V (DC DC) chargers, a 240V system, volt meter, solar input, and internal and external power sockets. Better systems add a second battery, pure sine wave inverter and a battery management system to help monitor all the inputs and outputs.
– Quality canvas: most premium Australian manufacturers use Wax Converters Textiles (WCT) canvas which is Dynaproofed for UV stability and mould resistance. WCT canvas has superior water proofing and stretch attributes relative to imported canvas. Keep an eye out for the patented Dynaproofed canvas label.

Hard floor camper trailer - Pioneer Campers use premium Australian made Dynaproofed canvas
Pioneer Campers use premium WCT Australian-made Dynaproofed canvas for superior water proofing and stretch attributes.


– Storage: there should be good storage and easy access all around the camper, on the drawbar and under the bed. When packed up, it’s convenient to have access inside the camper without opening it up. The roof/hard floor is also a good spot to store kayaks, bikes and more.
– Canvas should be an easy fold design with supportive bows that prevent water pooling.
– Canvas features: dual doors improve ventilation or provide a convenient access to a zip on ensuite.
– Water storage: Tank size upgrades are handy for those who want to carry more. Stainless steel is better than plastic and baffled tanks prevent water quickly moving from side to side which can affect balance off road.
– Body and canvas colour options to match your vehicle or discerning tastes.
– Buyer feedback on make/model – search Google with words such as make/manufacturer problem or warranty.

After Sales Support

Whatever you buy, make sure there is a servicing dealer nearby with a solid reputation for after sales service. During the sales process you will have many questions and it’s reassuring to have a dependable local resource for support. Then there’s servicing requirements, parts, repairs and sometimes warranty to attend to. Try doing that through an interstate body.

Does the dealer have any interest in touring/camping? It’s always best to deal with like-minded enthusiasts with similar interests rather than people just paid to sell a hard floor camper trailer. Camping enthusiasts can share their own experiences and add value to your buying experience in areas far beyond the nuts and bolts of the camper.


Find out what existing customers have said about your local dealer on an independent site. Simply enter their business name into a Google search. The business name will appear with a summary star rating out of five like that below. Click the link to read the reviews in detail. Be suspicious of dealers without any reviews.

The Dirt Off Road Campers Google

Hard Floor Camper Trailer Buyer’s Guide – The Wrap

The hard floor camper trailer market is growing. Knowing how to weed out the best products (with the best local support) to suit the style of touring you do is critical to your decision making process. Buy the best product you can afford. You’ll get good use from it and enjoy your camping that much more and all while maintaining a better return on investment.

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