Picking your Interior Colour Scheme

Choosing your interior colour scheme can be a daunting task. Laminex for the bench tops and table, floor board vinyl, seat furnishings and more. For some, choosing something from a bunch of swatches is almost an impossible task. Will I like it when I see it in all its glory and will it have broad appeal when it comes time to sell.

We put that question to our resident graphic designer and nomad traveller Anita, who works with colours on a day-to-day basis.

She came back with the following tips:

– Match or contrast seating colours to your favourite doona cover and add a few well chosen cushions for an extra pop of colour.

– For benchtops, pick a patterned finish rather than flat colour, as it doesn’t show dirt or dust as much.

– Contrary to popular belief, dark colours show the dirt more so than lighter colours. Do the test yourself and see what you think!

– For off road travel, its best to avoid high gloss finishes. They may look great in the showroom, but they show scratches and fingerprints more readily. Instead, a matt or textured finish is a much better option.

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