The DreamPot thermal cooker is the ultimate camping cookware, capable of cooking a wide range of camp fire tucker, but without the fire! The secret to its success is the use of thermal properties, combining an energy efficient insulated structure and stainless steel inner pots.

You can cook a large family meal or a single smaller meal, or two courses! Your meal cannot burn, boil dry or overcook. It’s as easy as: start it, transfer it, leave it, eat and enjoy it… Just love it!

DreamPot Review

Read the review from the crew at Highway Dreams that are currently travelling around Australia.


  • 5L ideal for the family
  • 3L ideal for the fisherman, single or couples


  • ThermaBoost cover (5L only)
  • Mega Pack Accessory kit
  • Standard Accessory kit
  • Large Loaf pan
  • Small Loaf pan
  • Steamer pot


  • DreamPot User Guide & Recipe book
  • 40 Delicious Recipes for Thermal Cookers


DreamPot & Thermoboost Cover

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