Hannibal Roof Top Tent - Classic with Jumbo Fly

The Hannibal Roof Top Tent is the ultimate remote touring with an industry leading reputation. Hannibal Safari Equipment was established in Cape Town South Africa over 25 years ago, with the Australian division commencing in 2004. As a key point of difference to other roof top tents, they feature Aussie-made ripstop Wax Converters Textiles Dynaproofed (R) ripstop canvas, which is UV stabilized, mould resistant and breathes well while keeping you warm and dry. While initially the canvas was sent to South Africa for sewing, it is now all manufactured in Brisbane, making the Hannibal Roof Top Tent one of few manufactured wholly in Australia.

Sizes to suit all the family!

There are 5 sizes of tents (1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2m) and 4 different models to accommodate customers specific needs. Even the wall heights can be customized to perfectly fit your vehicle regardless of lift and wheel size.

Hannibal tents will outlive, out survive and have one of the best warranty policies in the market which will outperform any other roof top tent in Australia.

Warranty is best in class, with 3 years on materials and workmanship and five years on the canvas and Vinyl transit covers.


Hannibal Roof Top Tent – Classic

Hannibal Classic Roof Top Tent

The Classic is the short flysheet model leaving the ladder exposed. Options include a shower skirt, that clips on under the bed base and a dual layer mattress. The flysheet can be upgraded in the future to the Jumbo with the added benefit of the optional wall kits which add valued space.
Size: 1200 – 2000mm (W) x 2400mm (L) x 1300mm (H), 50 – 95kg.

Hannibal Roof Top Tent – Classic with Jumbo Fly

Hannibal Classic Tent with Jumbo Fly

The Classic tent with Jumbo Fly is the intermediate package for those consumers that want a level of protection from the elements. The extended flysheet offers an all weather entry into the tent and added privacy. The flysheet adds a further 1200mm of coverage.

Size: 1200 – 2000mm (W) x 3600mm* (L) x 1300mm (H), 50 – 95kg. Optional annexe or wall kit, lighting and more. * Includes flysheet extension.

On Display in the Showroom

Hannibal Roof Top Tent – Jumbo

Hannibal Jumbo Tent

The Jumbo is the perfect remote travel tent – it scores the larger flysheet and a three wall change room (four wall change room available) with the vehicle providing the fourth wall.
Available with wall heights from 1.8 – 2.3m or a custom height wall for +$100. The three wall system has a doorway, two windows and a rear wall that can be opened out and used as an awning.
Size: 1200 – 2000mm (W) x 3600mm* (L) x 1300mm (H), 50 – 95kg. Optional lighting and more. * Includes flysheet extension.

Hannibal Roof Top Tent – Tourer

Hannibal Tourer Tent

The Tourer Tent adds the fourth wall to the Jumbo Tent. It includes a large “C” section that unzips for access into the vehicle.

Size: 1200 – 2000mm (W) x 3600mm* (L) x 1300mm (H), 50 – 95kg. Optional lighting and more. * Includes flysheet extension.

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