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If you like everything about our Pod Trailer but want to explore off-road, the Stockman All Roada is for you. As a full off road chassis it scores beefed up underpinnings including a heavy duty chassis, 6 leaf off-road eye to eye springs, extended drawbar (1.6m), 3 x black 15” Sunraysia wheels, all terrain tyres, and an 8″ jockey wheel.

A trailer adds a degree of relaxationfor any trip with your gear easy to access and without the concerns of exceeding gross vehicle mass (GVM) and the associated legal and safety risks.

The award-winning Australian-designed, manufactured and assembled Stockman Products Pod Trailer is a unique product in the recreational landscape. Manufactured from recycled, UV stabilised polyethylene, like that used in water tanks and recreational boats, the 6-8mm thick tub and weatherproof lid are super durable, rust-free and better still, half the weight of a similarly spec’d steel trailer.

All Roada Options

There are plenty of options available to gear the All Roada up to the style of travelling you do, including: jerry can & gas bottle holders, off road hitch, Stockman roof bars, shock absorbers, hubs to match the towing vehicle, electric drum brakes and more.

In 2015, Stockman Products clocked up their 10-year anniversary. The product has well and truly satisfied the test of time, with enthusiast owners traversing to all corners of the country. If you are looking for a dependable trailer to help lug all your travelling gear without imparting a huge overhead on your towing vehicle, the Pod Trailer is for you.

With a tare weight of 340kg, it is tough, compact and light weight, but still capable of following your four-wheel drive.

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