Pod trailer kayak trailer bike trailer

The Stockman Pod Trailer can be towed by any vehicle – it’s light (200kg), a cinch to tow and easy to move around when off the vehicle. It’s no wonder it scored an Australian Award on its year of launch! Racks can be mounted on the hard shell to carry kayaks and bikes adding to its utility.

Pod trailer kayak trailer bike trailer


The award-winning Australian-designed, manufactured and assembled Stockman Products Pod Trailer is a unique product in the recreational landscape. Manufactured from recycled, UV stabilised polyethylene, like that used in water tanks and recreational boats, the 6-8mm thick tub and weatherproof lid are super durable, rust-free and better still, half the weight of a similarly spec’d steel trailer.

Pod Trailer – the ultimate small trailer

The Pod Trailer offers a unique point of difference to a standard small trailer with it’s hard poly, weatherproof lid and tub, which keeps your belongings both safe and dry. Optional flexible roof mounting hardware quickly converts your Pod to the ultimate kayak trailer, bike trailer or holiday gear trailer. The features are the same as the Tub Trailer with the addition of the weatherproof lid. Tare weight 200kg makes it suitable for both small and large vehicles.

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