Stone Stomper Stone Guard

The Stone Stomper Stone Guard was developed to reduce the damage from rebounding stones off a trailer to the towing vehicle. This includes damage to the paintwork of both vehicle and trailer, and damage to the rear-facing glass. The rear window on a four wheel drive use encapsulated glass which is very expensive to replace.

The Stone Stomper uses horizontal mesh to redirect flying stones back to ground level. Mounted to the camper trailer body, truck mesh is attached to an electroplated framework, fixed to the hitch on the vehicle. A cut-out provides an opening for the coupling, safety chains and electrical harness to slip through the mesh.

Shock cord runs along the perimeter and at regular intervals to prevent sagging, connecting to the framework via metal clasps. The shock cord can be tightened over time to allow for stretch in the cord. A vertical canvas curtain hangs from the framework beneath the hitch and pivots to a horizontal position when in motion to block the narrow gap between the framework and the mesh. If you need to access the rear of the vehicle, simply lean on the shock cord or remove one of the clasps.

The Ultimate Stone Guard

The underslung mesh not only protects the vehicle and trailer panel work, but the A-frame, gas bottles or front facing sheet metal. The mesh is not shade cloth but an industrial strength truck mesh, reinforced in all the right places.

On unsealed roads, the Stone Stomper provides very good protection. Used in our Big Lap of Australia in 2011 where we clocked up over 60,000 dusty kilometres, the Stone Stomper protected our vehicle/camper from significant road rash.

There is no additional drag like the massive block-like mudflaps. In my mind, it’s an integrated solution providing the best protection available for both the vehicle and camper.

When unhitching, simply remove the six clasps from the framework and roll the mesh up under the drawbar. The framework can easily be removed from the vehicle when not in use.

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