Check out the following Soft Floor Camper Trailer Buyers Guide for some key information to help you with your research.

Soft Floor Campers offer a number of significant advantages over their hard floor stablemates. This includes weight, cost and space.

Weight & Cost

With a PVC cover and tent floor, soft floor campers weigh less than an equivalent hard floor. Manufacturing cost is also lower which reduces the retail entry point.

Some campers such as the Pod Campers are fitted with a hard weatherproof lid to keep the weather at bay. The lid also provides a handy place to mount roof racks for bikes, kayaks and other items.

soft floor campers pod camper


Soft floor campers are offered in two formats, rear fold and side fold. Rear fold campers are easier to setup with less canvas to manage. These are best suited to couples.

Soft floor campers - Pod Trailer Kwik Kampa 2 rear fold camper
Pod Trailer Kwik Kampa 2 rear fold camper

Side fold campers usually have a larger bed and generous under canvas areas and are best suited to families.

Soft floor campers - Base Camp 2.7
Pod Trailer Base Camp 2.7 side fold camper


All Pod Campers weigh less than 500kg making them suitable for almost any vehicle.

More information?

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