The 3 DOG Camping Top Dog Roof Top Tent is by name and nature one of Australia’s best roof top tent solutions. Australian-made, it’s a premium product that offers ease of setup, practical features and quality materials, including benchmark Wax Converters Dynaproofed canvas

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Top Dog

While other roof top tent manufacturers rely on a sandwich design with two folding halves, the Top Dog is configured as a long fixed length bed to allow the use of an inner spring mattress offering improved comfort. Mounted along the vehicle roof, trailer or toy hauler it offers an improved utilisation of space, without ducking for the bed base.

3 Dog Camping Top Dog

Key to its appeal, the Top Dog uses premium Australian-made canvas. Wax Converters canvas is synonymous with quality, being easy to fold, waterproof and breathable, keeping you dry, warm and cosy within.

The other key point of difference is the integrated wall kit or change room, which uses upright walls for maximum space utilisation. The wall kit stays attached during setup and pack-up eliminating what is otherwise a fiddly and time consuming process. Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Top Dog key features include a queen size innerspring mattress, integrated change room with floor (2.2 x 2.1m), large windows with plenty of ventilation, premium canvas, dual doors, and a wall height custom cut to suit your vehicle/trailer. The tent is available in 9 different colours which can be mixed and matched for the tent, roof and wall kit.

Options include a Tropical Roof, Awning and Awning Walls. A different size tent or bed base is available on request.

3 Dog Camping Top Dog roof top tent
Shown with optional Tropical Roof, Awning & Side Walls mounted on a trailer

Video Overview

View the video below to learn more about the 3 Dog Camping roof top tent. In this example it is fitted to a tray back camper, but it can be configured to a vehicle roof top, trailer or toy hauler.

Top Dog Clearance

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  • USED Top Dog, 2200 x 2100mm change room, khaki tent, sand coloured walls & tropical roof, innerspring mattress, removable room, Australian Dynaproofed canvas, only one trip SOLD

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