If you’re looking for an Australian made micro hybrid that won’t break the bank, then check out the Bushranger Joey.


First released in 2008, the Joey was an early player in the micro hybrid sector and a welcome alternative to its hard floor canvas camper siblings. In contrast, it offered better protection from the elements due to its insulated hard-shell body and consequently, a broader usage spectrum with both internal and external living areas.

A pleasant place to be when the weather turns bad

The early versions had ribbed aluminium cladding sides and a fit-out like many off-road vans, with an internal kitchen including stove, sink and fridge; internal seating; and external BBQ/stove. But  above all, it was offered with both twin single and double bed layouts.

Stove and sink add versatility for all weather camping

Generation 2

The second-generation Joey was released around 2012. Fitted with the updated aluminium composite wall structure, it gained extra visual appeal and a point of difference.

Anita and I reviewed the Joey for Camper Trailer Australia magazine in 2013 and immediately fell in love with its compact size and functional layout. Perhaps its only limitation at the time was reduced clearance, due to the square tail and relatively low riding independent leaf suspension. This was later rectified with the introduction of the Alko Enduro independent coil suspension. Consequently we’ve been trying to bring them to Adelaide for the last few years.

Double bed layout makes the most of the available space

Floor Plans

The double bed layout runs across the front of the camper, with storage both above in cupboards or below the bed which lifts on gas struts. A trifold table sits on the near side with a single lounge chair in the far corner; the bed is used for the second seat. On the far side you’ll find the two-burner stove with glass splash back, stainless sink with 12V pumped water and laminated bench top. An 80L 12V/240V dual zone fridge freezer fits below the bench next to cupboards and drawers.

Large optional 270 degree awning provides plenty of shade

If you don’t like idea of clambering over your partner for early morning loo visits, you can opt for the twin single bed layout which runs north south. Infill cushions are available if you’re looking for the ultimate sleeping option. This way you can sleep apart or together in any direction. The twin single layout uses more of the 10ft body so has a modified layout. The trifold table fits between the beds, with seating either side for dining. And the fridge and cupboards are rear set. Infill cushions can also be used around the perimeter of the beds when not in use, acting as a backrest for couch use. It’s quite clever the way it’s all been done to maximise the internal space.

Bushranger Joey Twin single bed configuration 1
Twin single bed layout

A pop top roof raises from the rear only, with gas struts positioned to offer the best assistance. With the optional solar panel fitted towards the front (near the roof pivot point), there’s little if any impact on the roof struts and the roof lifts easily, unlike others we’ve used.

Large windows in the pop top vinyl help with airflow, aiding the two side windows and lockable screen door.


The foundation of the Joey is a galvanised Preston chassis finished in Duragal paint for improved appearance. The chassis is rated at 1600kg, so you don’t need a large four-wheel drive to tow it, and payload is 640kg above the standard tare weight. Out in the wild, Alko Enduro independent coil suspension massages out the lumps and electric drum brakes wash off speed.


To appeal to bushies at heart, the Joey is offered in basic trim for $44,990 drive away, leaving you to add only the extras you really need. Compared to others in the micro hybrid segment at $72,000 driveaway, you can get into a Joey for significantly less.


  • Ball Weight – from 100kg
  • TARE Weight – from 960kg
  • ATM – 1600kg
  • Width – 2070mm
  • Height – 2300mm
  • Overall length –  4500mm

More Information

For more information on the Joey, see the Bushranger website. Otherwise inspect today!

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