Evakool RF47

From humble beginnings as a fibreglass icebox manufacturer EvaKool today offers a comprehensive range of products all designed to help you enjoy this great country. EvaKool is proud to be both Australia’s leading brand of fibreglass iceboxes and Australia’s largest manufacturer of 12 volt fridge freezers and are passionate in their quest to remain at the forefront of product development and innovation.

Evakool Glacier Fridge Freezers

Evakool Glacier G45

Glacier fridge/freezers are affordable, reliable and user friendly – a great companion for all your boating, four wheel driving and camping adventures. Glacier fridges incorporate advanced compressor technology (Danfoss BD35-F) and a highly efficient sealed refrigeration system that offers low power draw, soft start, quiet and efficient operation and trouble free enjoyment.

All new Glacier fridges have a metal lined cabinet, thick insulation and digital temperature control. Sizes: 30L, 45L, 50L, 55L, 65L, 74L (new), 80L and 89L (new), some with dual lids for fridge freezer compartments.

In Stock:

  • G45 (45L)
  • G75-DX Dual Zone, dual lid

Evakool RF Fibreglass Fridge Freezers

Evakool ED85

Evakool’s range topping fibreglass fridge is Australian-made and offers a fully insulated fibreglass cabinet with the EK25DC refrigeration compressor. Can be seperated into 3 compartments for freezer, fridge and dairy or remove the dividers to have larger fridge/freezer compartments! Sizes: 40L, 45L, 47L, 60L, 85L, 110L and 150L.

In Stock: RF60

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