The Stockman Products Extreme Pod trailer is the ultimate off road trailer offering minimal weight but rugged underpinnings, ideal for desert work, high country or remote travel. And weighing from only 440kg, it’s a cinch to tow by almost any vehicle yet still offers an impressive 810kg payload.



A trailer adds a degree of relaxation for any trip with your gear easy to access and without the concerns of exceeding gross vehicle mass (GVM) and the associated legal and safety risks.

Extreme Pod Trailer

The award-winning Australian-designed, manufactured and assembled Stockman Products Pod Trailer is a unique product in the recreational landscape. Manufactured from recycled, UV stabilised polyethylene, like that used in water tanks and recreational boats, the 6-8mm thick tub and weatherproof lid are super durable, rust-free and better still, half the weight of a similarly spec’d steel trailer.

Tough but light-weight poly body is super-durable

As the hero of our off road trailer range, the Extreme Pod features high clearance Vehicle Components XT Cruiser independent coil suspension, Gabriel shock absorbers, heavy duty drawbar (1.7m), electric drum brakes with handbrake, heavy duty Ark XO jockey wheel, 17″ Sunraysia style wheels with all terrain tyres and hubs matched to most towing vehicles. A Vehicle Components DO35 fully articulated drop-on coupling and dual rear recovery points complete the package.

Ark XO jockey wheel is tough & stable

We can customise a build to your exact needs – popular options include Stockman Bars, bigger wheels and tyres, toolbox, water tank, jerry can & gas bottle holders, power pack, roof top tents, a camper tent top and more. Typical build costs around $14,095 with toolbox, jerry can holders, Stockman bars and electric drum brakes, plus on road costs.

In 2019, Stockman Products clocked up their 14-year anniversary. The product has well and truly satisfied the test of time, with enthusiast owners traversing to all corners of the country. If you are looking for a dependable, light off road trailer to help lug all your travelling gear without imparting a huge overhead on your towing vehicle, the Extreme Pod Trailer is for you.

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