Helinox manufactures equipment that is compact, strong and light in weight. The company uses advanced alloys, high strength nylon hubs and premium fabrics to create the ultimate camp furniture.

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The revolutionary, award-winning Chair One gives you lounge chair comfort in a super-strong & ultra-lightweight package.
Offering never-seen-before levels of strength, comfort and compactness, Chair One has revolutionised the camping chair market. Now considered a true icon of lightweight design, Chair One continues to win the hearts of outdoor adventurers throughout Australia and New Zealand.




Height:65 cm10 cm
Width:52 cm35 cm
Depth:50 cm12 cm
Weight:890 grams960 grams
Capacity:145 kg
Ground to seat base*:Approx 27 cm
Attachment points:Carry bag has two large loops and webbing ladder
Frame:TH72M alloy by DAC
Instructions:Printed on inside of carry bag
Warranty:5 years



The optional Ground Sheet prevents the legs from sinking into sand or soft ground.
The optional Seat Warmer is filled with duck feather and keeps you warm and cosy on cool nights. Available in Red or Black.


Swivel Chair features a pivoting hub that allows the chair to rotate through 360 degrees. Similar in size to Chair One, Swivel Chair utilises the same shock-cord attached lightweight, high-strength TH72M alloy frame. Quick & easy to assemble and pack away.

With it’s ability to swivel through 360 degrees, Swivel Chair is great for photographers. In fact, it’s great for any situation where the freedom to pivot side-to-side is needed. Also very popular with children!

The carry bag includes two large loops and a webbing ladder for securing to a backpack.

Add the optional Seat Warmer filled with duck feather for extra comfort on cool nights around the camp fire.



Height:70 cm14 cm
Width:50 cm40 cm
Depth:52 cm12 cm
Weight:1175 grams1280 grams
Capacity:120 kg
Ground to seat base*:Approx 30 cm
Frame:TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty:5 years



Camp Chair offers you a comfortable rest and half your packing space back as compared to a standard camp chair!

It’s a higher & larger version of Chair One which revolutionised comfort for the outdoor adventurer. Now the same benefits are available for everyday situations – a family BBQ, sporting event, or trip to the beach.

Helinox Camp Chair is very compact and light – just 50 cm long and 1.3 kg. It can be permanently stored in the boot of a car, caravan or motorhome without getting in the way. Makes it easy to be comfortable wherever you pull up and want a place to rest.

The contoured seat gives good support to the lower back. In addition, the carry bag can be attached to the frame during assembly as a handy storage compartment. The optional ‘Ground Sheet’ accessory prevents the feet sinking in sand or soft ground.



Height:84 cm14 cm
Width:58 cm50 cm
Depth:60 cm12 cm
Weight:1225 grams1335 grams
Capacity:145 kg
Ground to seat base*:Approx 36 cm
Frame:TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty:5 years



Relax at the end of a long day in one of the most comfortable & compact camp chairs available. Sunset Chair’s carry bag doubles as a neck pillow, attaching to the chair back via a concealed velcro flap.

A comfortable chair is fundamental to the blissful pleasure of relaxing at the end of the day. Helinox Sunset Chair is the ultimate chair for when you are away from home and away from your favourite lounge chair.
Lighter to carry, more compact to stow, easy to assemble and far more comfortable than other outdoor/camping chairs.



Height:98 cm14 cm
Width:58 cm47 cm
Depth:70 cm12 cm
Weight:1340 grams1475 grams
Capacity:145 kg
Ground to seat base*:Approx 36 cm
Additional features:Carry bag doubles as neck pillow
Frame:TH72M alloy by DAC with high-strength Nylon hubs
Warranty:5 years


Watch the video to view the Camp & Sunset Chair assembly.



Ultralight Table is a super compact portable table designed to compliment Chair One. A table for two anywhere you like!

The centre of the table features two recessed cup holders to help avoid spills. If any spills do occur, the strong mesh surface material makes clean-up easy and minimises drying time.


Length:60 cm41 cm
Width:40 cm11 cm
Height:39 cm11 cm
Weight:690 grams packed
Capacity:50 kg
Frame:TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty:5 years





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